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Wenfei Wu

Assistant Professor
School of Computer Science
Peking University

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课题组与国外高校和国内外著名IT公司合作紧密,结合计算机科学理论和工业界工程经验与实际需求,在上述方面进行理论方向的探索和实际系统的设计与实现。课题组主导的研究在CCF A类会议NSDI、ASPLOS、KDD、INFOCOM等多次发表文章,成果《面向多租户训练的聚合传输协议》设计并实现了一套高性能机器学习系统,获得NSDI21最佳论文,为中国地区首次获得该荣誉。课题组通过合作科研的方式,可为学生提供进一步国外深造和工业界实习的机会(毕业生去向请参考主页,详情请来信咨询)。





Our research group focuses on the following areas:

Our research combines industrial experience, practical requirements and the CS theoretical foundation, and aims to deliver solid information infrastructure systems. Our recent work “ATP: In-network Aggregation for Multi-tenant Learning” got the NSDI’21 best paper award (first time in China!). Group members also get good opportunities in the academia and industry (refer to the alumni in the homepage).

Now we are recruiting graduate students, postdoctoral students, and interns. Mastering one of the following skills is required:

The following skills are a plus:

Contact: Send your application and CV to the email in the homepage. Link