Fundamentals of Cryptography


Instructor: Wenfei Wu
Class Time: 9:50-12:15AM every Friday
TA: Check the Web Learning Portal
Textbook: Office Hour: 1:30-5:00PM on Friday, or email me to make a reservation


  1. Introduction and One Time Pad
  2. Stream Cipher
  3. Block Cipher
  4. Message Authentication Code and Hash Function
  5. Authenticated Encryption
  6. Key Exchange and Public Key Encryption (RSA)
  7. Public Key Encryption (ElGamal) and Digital Dignature
  8. Certificate and Password System
  9. Secure Communication Protocols
  10. Cryptocurrency and Anonymous Networks
  11. Multi-Party Computation
  12. Homomorphic Encryption
  13. Zero-knowledge Proof
  14. Trusted Execution Environment

Final Exam


Course Project